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Topic: Linux Command line Crashing after Flush

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Originally posted by Whizkid on 02-15-2000 08:19 PM
Completed 99.00% at a rate of 8836.76 Rays/s
Completed 100.00% at a rate of 8837.67 Rays/s
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
[whizkid@trollcave GFClient]$ ./gf_client Gamma Flux Client for Linux v1.00
Copyright (c) 1999 of
Completed 96.00% at a rate of 7352.94 Rays/s
Completed 97.00% at a rate of 8038.59 Rays/s
Completed 98.00% at a rate of 8232.71 Rays/s
Completed 99.00% at a rate of 8410.43 Rays/s
Completed 100.00% at a rate of 170010.20 Rays/s
Sending block 1 to server
All blocks sent to server.  Closing connection
OutBuf Level: 0/1
Completed 1.00% at a rate of 8912.66 Rays/s
This is with the Athlon-optimized client. The same thing happened when I had a k6-2 using the "normal" linux x86 client. When this happens I simply restart the client. Usually, it seems to stop crashing after one or two restarts tho (which seems a bit odd). --Whizkid [This message has been edited by Whizkid (edited February 15, 2000).]

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