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Topic: keep em crunching
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fredro posted 09-29-1999 08:52 ET (US)
looks like team 3dnow might take 45th place here in a day or so. keep em churning.
CASC member posted 09-29-1999 13:13 ET (US)
Hi everyone
I just joined the team with 38 units

I am avg about 20hrs per unit with a K62-350 that is not overclocked,does that sound about right ?

Talkn at you soon


fredro posted 09-29-1999 16:16 ET (US)
that sounds real good to me. im only getting 17 to 19 hrs with a 450. welcome to the team. im new to the team also. just sent my 35th unit in.
Akma posted 09-29-1999 17:05 ET (US)

My K6-2 350 (ok, 266 overclocked) crunched 28 hours per unit, so your time sounds more than right...

fredro posted 09-29-1999 22:35 ET (US)
i just got a 3rd machine built, its crunching away right now. lets pass anandtech
CASC member posted 09-29-1999 23:20 ET (US)
3 machines, are they all AMD's ?
Thats pretty damn good .

I just did a unit in 16min, got lucky i guess.

The main team page doesn't seem to update very quickly as i have 40 units but still shows me with 38.
Maybe in the morn it will show correct.



fredro posted 09-30-1999 07:41 ET (US)
well 2 are amd450`s one is a intel 133mhz, i bought a bad amd 233mhz cpu, i have to take it back today, and trade it for another. i was axious to get a 3rd machine up so i stooped so low as to dig a intel cpu out of the drawer. lol i should hit 37 units in another hour or so. im trying to talk my buddy into seti, he has a cyrix and a intel, pr 266 and a 166mmx
did you do a unit in 16 minutes, or 16 hours? lol
CASC member posted 09-30-1999 16:08 ET (US)
yes, 16 minutes that is minuts not hours.
sometimes you get a unit that may have some frequencies out of range or just plain distortion type stuff, the SETI prog seems to skip over the unit really fast.
I had another unit before that finished in 30min .
No a K62-350 isn't that good, more just the luck of dwnlding one of these fuzzy units.



Colin Morey posted 09-30-1999 16:30 ET (US)
Well, I'm still chucking 'em across at about 16 hours, on my new 450 (i couldn't resist the upgrade, not when it was only going to cost me a couple of quid).
when I get linux set up again, I'll be throwing 2 machines back into the workload,


fredro posted 09-30-1999 18:19 ET (US)
im glad you guys have so much ambition. i thought this forum was dead. hey i just took my amd 233 back, the guy gave me a amd 266mhz, and its back there chirping away right now. i may try to oc it this weekend. anyone ever oc a 266? how far might i get lucky with it?
fredro posted 09-30-1999 20:56 ET (US)
good news. i just oclocked the 266 to 300
66x4.5 it seems to be running great. the heatsink is still at room temperature,(to the touch) got me curious as to whether i can get 350mhz out of it? i might try after it completes its 1st seti unit.

[This message has been edited by fredro (edited September 30, 1999).]

CASC member posted 09-30-1999 23:19 ET (US)
I just had a thought ( smell the wood burning :> ).
With the ram prices up, i could trade in 64mb of my 128mb of ram and get 130.00 bucks Cdn for it, i only paid 65.00 for it a few months ago.
My dilema is if i do it i can get a K62-450 for 100.00 bucks or a K63-400 for 165.00 bucks.
Do you think i will really miss the ram in favor of a slightly faster cpu.
Or should i wait for cpu prices to go down further.
What to do, What to do...hmmmmm
Please let me know what you think.


fredro posted 10-01-1999 13:39 ET (US)
casc, i remember reading over at hardwarecentral that k6-2 450`s are selling for 65 to 70 bucks on pricewatch. at that price maybe you can keep your ram
colin morey, 16 hours is pretty fast. what kind of motherboard are you using? maybe you can supply me with some tricks here.
akma, how can we boost the moral here? seems like we are only averaging around a 125 to 130 units a day with 319 members. 20 of which hasnt submitted a unit since at least the 26th of sept.
Colin Morey posted 10-01-1999 14:36 ET (US)
well, I'm currently crunching on a k6-2 450, on a tyan s1590, with an fsb of 100, running the memory at cas 2, (oh, and there's 194 meg) running linux/NT

I know my average is 16 hours, but its somewhere around 18-10 atm, dunno why,
I do need to re-optomize NT. (i had a full install just for seti!)

turn off things like the clock on the task bar, auto-hide the task bar, shut off any unneeded services, run the client at higher trhan normal priority, (but not real-time as its a b*&ch to use). and make sure you keep stuff like the hard driuves defraged.! oh, and allocate enough swap.


fredro posted 10-02-1999 13:45 ET (US)
thanks for the info colin morey. im running win98se on my fastest system, and win98 on the other two. i set the speed for the ram to turbo on both fic503+`s they were just on fast. i dont know if that will help or not. i do know my times go down on the weekends, as i am surfing or gaming most of the weekend, i still think i can 3 to 4 units done every 24 hours, at least i hope. i sure would like to see our team go beyond this 46th place, quickly. lol
im impatient!

[This message has been edited by fredro (edited October 02, 1999).]

CASC member posted 10-02-1999 14:49 ET (US)
Hey Fredro, i see your in the top 100 now, way to go

I just added a W98 update it seems to have slowed me down a bit, those pricks at MS.

Talk at ya later


fredro posted 10-02-1999 15:04 ET (US)
thanks casc. i am trying hard to move the team ahead. heck i avoided surfing for a hour to finish a unit. lol hpefully that update will give ya a little ummmph. good luck.
CASC member posted 10-02-1999 15:18 ET (US)
I was thinking that we should have a IRC room where we could meet and talk real time.

What do you think ?

get back to me on this

email is


fredro posted 10-02-1999 15:38 ET (US)
i agree casc, although i have asked for authorization from you on icq. im running icq quite often, so if you get the chance check your icq. thanks.
Akma posted 10-02-1999 18:49 ET (US)
fredro, what morale?

The team already has been beyond #46 a while ago, but then something happened... :/

I also have a K6-2 266CXT which I had clocked 400MHz for a couple of days right after purchase. Then I got to my senses and 'downed' it to 350 so that I wouldn't burn it right away. I ran it that way for 7 months and now it's one of my spare processors.

fredro posted 10-02-1999 19:15 ET (US)
wow 400 mhz out of a 266. that is great. and who says AMD wont overclock? i had to turn my 450@500 back down to 450, running seti full time was really heating it up. then when i got into a frag fest with my wife and son (q3test) i had a couple freeze ups. after i turned it back down to 450, all is well. i sure hope the team gets its spirit back, i like to see us at least get in the top 25 before christmas. i see pthor, and lewin are really cranking the units out. they must have quite the setup. im thinking of building a athlon in february when my income tax return comes to me. i can hardly wait.
Akma posted 10-02-1999 19:34 ET (US)
Well I dunno. Is 50% too much so much anyway...

Oh, and, I could get 10 blank CDs with my tax return. I can hardly wait... :|>

Colin Morey posted 10-02-1999 19:59 ET (US)
Well, the only downside to running at only 100MHz Fsb, is that the latency to the L2 cache really hurts, in fact I think I may even clock back down and just see exactly what difference my proc speed has.
but anyhow, I've got stuff to clear away, got to make room for the second machine...

Oh, and please address me as Colin, its much nicer that my full name *grin*


CASC member posted 10-02-1999 20:16 ET (US)
Hey everyone

I am kickn out almost 1 per day .

I have yet to overclock my K62-350 on a Asus P5A.
I wanna do it and have read the manual say, about a dozen times...
Can you give me a idea what bus and voltage settings might be best or know where i can get good info on this .

Collin, let me know what you find with your experiment, sounds interesting .


Pierce posted 10-02-1999 22:01 ET (US)
I have been running my K6/2 350 at 400 for quite some time now. Turned up the voltage to 2.4 as it occasionally become unstable at 2.2. No go at 450 and I can't do any of the odd bus speeds as it seems to flake out my video card.

Good Luck

fredro posted 10-03-1999 09:33 ET (US)
hey im trying the 13i386-winnt-cmdline on one of my computers. i installed it to a folder named ntseti.
its running right now, i minimized the window. will it connect automatically when its done? can i close this window and it still run? im just trying to see if i can speed up my turn around time. any help would be great.. thanx.
Armin posted 10-03-1999 10:28 ET (US)
We have been passed by a couple faster teams lately, which dropped us from our peak position of rank 43. It seems we have a bunch of zombies still that are not producing any WUs - I'm not exactly blaming them, mind you

As soon as opens shop I hope all our team members will switch over there to bring some honor to 3DNow! (and no, I can't tell you more about yet other than it will be very exciting!)

Colin Morey posted 10-03-1999 12:18 ET (US)
Well, I decided to take a closer look at how my computer works when crunching SETI, it seems that my K6-2 450 ends up twidlling its thumbs about 10% of the time, whilst waiting for the L2 cache to get off its backside and feed it info, bareing in mind this is win98, runnign the nt cmdline version, I thinks its time to re-install a tiny linux install, just to crunch seti, either that or at least get around to sorting NT out, (seems to spend half of his life re-install various operating systems).

Till next time,

Jayden posted 10-03-1999 12:46 ET (US)

I'll switch if you get rid of this Celeron worshipper crap away from my name. I run two K6s for the seti project. I hate intel, how did I become a worshipper? :P

So, when are you going to tell us what this new place is all about?

fredro posted 10-03-1999 12:55 ET (US)
hi jayden, it looks like your status changes after you post 15 times. keep typing
fredro posted 10-04-1999 07:25 ET (US)
ive been watching our stats. we are gaining on the 45th position. keep up the great work guys and gals. i think we can jump 2 positions this week, if we keep giving it 100%
Akma posted 10-04-1999 17:15 ET (US)
Actually it's 11 times, not 15. Well, at least when I was 'young and green'
fredro posted 10-04-1999 17:36 ET (US)
oppps im already giving false info. sorry jayden.
Jayden posted 10-04-1999 19:19 ET (US)
Well, I'm almost there then....
MeenMunky posted 10-04-1999 20:58 ET (US)
You're there now!
Voriax posted 10-06-1999 14:30 ET (US)

Just joined the team with 27 units :-)

I've been browsing thru the posts and it seems to me that the bus speed is very important.

My system is win95, 1.06 client, 96MB. Seti runs always and saver goes to blank screen after 1 minute. The CPU is a K6-2/300 original core overclocked to 3x112Mhz, and currently it chows thru a workunit in about 18 hours. Looks to be better time than 350Mhz systems and not too much behind 450's. So if you want to shorten the time bump up the bus speed if you can.

oh yes, the motherboard is Soyo SY-5EHM and it overclocked to 112MHz bus speed nicely after I got rid of a relatively new Seagate Medalist HD. no need to up the voltage and the run-of-the-mill sink+fan keeps it quite cool.

Just thought to let you know :-)


Akma posted 10-06-1999 15:37 ET (US)
Nice to have an another Finn here...

Tervetuloa tiimiin!

fredro posted 10-06-1999 18:42 ET (US)
welcome voriax. i agree about the 112mhz bus speed. i was running 112x4.5 504mhz, i was getting units off in 16hours, using the computer 75% of the day and night, but everytime i played q3 test, my cpu would heat the room up 10 dgrees and eventually freeze up and i would need to reboot. so i sacrificed a hour or two to play q3 100x4.5 after the k6-2+ comes out, i may run out and upgrade one or two of these machines. 600mhz would be sweet. nice to see team 3dnow pull into 44th place, congrats team.
CASC member posted 10-07-1999 01:23 ET (US)
Welcome aboard Voriax

Voriax, did you figure out what the problem was with the Seagate?
besides replacing it.

44th place is great.

Fredro your really flyn along there, I estimate your combined CPU power at 933mhz, not to shabby

Hey i have gotten rid of my celery worshipper and now I am

Follower of Athlon



Voriax posted 10-07-1999 07:05 ET (US)

To J:
I don't think that there was any other problem with the Seagate than it didn't like the higher bus speed. I had it for about a year and a half and it worked otherwise perfectly. Btw, the 15 Gig IBM GP I replaced it with did a belly flop after 2 weeks of use... Currently I have a 6 year old 1.2 Gig Quantum fireball as the only HD But it's enough for Seti. And luckily I had decided to keep it as a boot HD so the death of the IBM didn't cause reinstalling WinDoze.

As for the bus speeds I had tried several overclocks earlier, 3,5x95 worked ok, 3,5x100 worked to a degree, when I tried to run AVI, MPG or QT system crashed..may have been a driver problem. 4x95 didn't even boot, like any 112 MHZ bus speed. Then I read somewhere that some hardware doesn't like high bus speeds, so I did a retry after removing the Seagate and gee, it worked.

Btw, I've seen preliminary ads of a program that lets you choose independent bus speeds for all your different hardware. So then it'd be possible to boost up the cpu & memory bus while letting HD's and video card(s) run at the normal speeds. I think the manufacturer was the same company that makes Rain/Waterfall. Probably will work only with certain motherboards/bios only.


Pieter posted 10-07-1999 07:09 ET (US)
those OC'ed Intel chips scream at Seti (vs non oc'ed). I mean im not gonna OC for seti :-).



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