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Cruncher posted 01-27-2001 18:56 ET (US)
For what it's worth, TZO's software is cool!

I posted my personal experiences with building first-gen Athlon systems and upgrading. There are some very interesting links on my page.

This web server is running on my 900 MHz Thunderbird system. It's up close to 24 hours a day on the net. Be ready though, my connection to the net is only 28.8K

I live miles away from the city up here in the hills. No DSL or cable modem access at all. I'm planning on moving in a few months, hopefully then I'll be able to get high-speed access to the net


fredro posted 01-28-2001 14:14 ET (US)
thanks cruncher, that was very pleasing to read.
Cruncher posted 01-28-2001 17:40 ET (US)
Thanks Fredro. It was fun to write

Hey you guys see HP is putting the Palomino in their Omnibook laptop line? The first Athlon powered Omnibook is going to be a 900 MHz? WOW!

Man, makes me think about buying an HP Omnibook!

My the times they are a'changing for the better!

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