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Topic: I reached the 1000 WU mark
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DanBall posted 04-01-2001 13:52 ET (US)
I currently now have 1007 WU's completed, and reached 1000 about 2 or 3 days ago.

It is interesting to see how far back this forum goes and that there are people registered here that aren't posting here anymore.

Duron 600@900 1.570v, 3.30v I/O
Vantec HSF
256MB (2x128) KingMax TinyBGA PC150
Creative Labs 52x CD-ROM as master on IDE 1
Iomega Zip250 as master on IDE 2
Panasonic LS-120 IDE as slave on IDE 2
Western Digital 20.5GB UDMA66, 5400RPM as master on IDE 3
Creative Labs 3D Blaster Annihilator2 MX, 32MB DDR, AGP4x
Creative Labs Sound Blaster PCI128 in slot 3
3COM/USR 2977 56k/v90 Hardware PCI modem in slot 6

fredro posted 04-01-2001 18:14 ET (US)
congratulations danball. hard work pays off. btw, i ordered a duron700 and a biostar motherboard. it should arrive this week. i`m hoping it will make a better server than my current celeron @850mhz
Armin posted 04-01-2001 19:20 ET (US)
DanBall posted 04-02-2001 01:55 ET (US)
Certainly, I will continue to do so. Note that I had my K6-2 500 on that account before I place my Duron on it back in October 2000, so 183 of those are the K6-2 500. So with my Duron, I have completed 824 WU's since October.
BKman posted 04-02-2001 13:25 ET (US)
I recently "found" some sgi's in our laboratory that were crying for some decent cpu load. With the help of these little machines I go ahead of schedule and also cracked the 1K mark recently. It feels really good up here.
DanBall posted 04-02-2001 23:27 ET (US)
The more computers you can use, the better.

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