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The Campaign for the Proliferation of 3DNow!tm Support


who we are

Jason "pbrain" Brown

My name is Jason "pbrain" Brown, Webmaster here and the Editor-in-Chief at and I am NOT an AMD user.  That's right, all three of my main machines are Intel based rigs.  Why am I involved in this 3DNow! stuff?  Well, I am a gamer.  I play 3D Games pretty much all the time (just ask my ex-girlfriend).   3DNow! is all about games, baby.  Therefore, even though I can't make use of the technology, I am sworn to support it.  Besides, if you get to know a little bit about it, it is easy to see just how "smart" the technology really is.  Sure, Intel seems to rule the 3D speed right now, but it does it through brute force.  3DNow! accomplishes a great deal through finesse and managed decision making.  With AMD's K7 on the horizon, the success of Intel's brute force method may very well be in jeopardy.  If the K7's FPU can out-bully the P3's then all the smooth 3DNow! action would be bonus!

Armin Lenz

I'm Armin Lenz, Managing Editor for this site, Editor-in-Chief of The Linux 3D Gaming Initiative and Senior Editor at Full On 3D. I've been an AMD user ever since I set foot on the x86 platform, this means 386/40, 486DX2/80, 5x86/133, K6-2/350 and now K6-III/450. I also run a Celeron 450 as our second graphic board test machine for Fo3D but go some lengths pointing out that I had pbrain buy it to keep my morals upright. As to my qualifications: I have an unfinished Master's degree in computer science, 6 years of simulation and 3D engine coding on SGIs and about 8 years of Internet under my belt, including some publishing work since before Netscape went all the way to version 1.0.

Unlike pbrain who's still a boy at heart (and some years my junior), I am more thrilled by a mix of work and games and hence really enjoy the K6-III - but without glossing over the lacks that come with insufficient 3DNow! support on the application side - that was how the idea was born to launch this initiative (that and the flu). I hate to buy into good ideas that are disregarded because nobody stands up for them. So here we are. Oh. And I am really looking forward to the K7, that about sums up the geekish side of me.

I'm also coordinating the SETI@Home Team 3DNow!


Ren is well known in the 3DNow! scene by virtue of his website 3dnow.Net which is one of the focal points of the 3DNow! internet activities. That quite naturally made him the proper co-founder for Get 3DNow! and he was also supplying the initial data for the hardware and game sections.

Jon Hou

Jon Hou; Canadien, Editor, High school student, and K6-III user.   What else really needs to be said?  This guy has it all.  Jon will most likely be interfacing with any Canada-based organization that even winks at us.  So, if you live up north and want to meet him, say you have a Carribou that supports 3DNow! or something.  It will take him like 5 minutes to find you.

Jon also designed the title graphics and the campaign button tens of thousands of people load every week. His main job on the site is to take care of the hardware and software listings so they'll stay current, if you have reliable first hand information on changes that should be noted, mail him with it.

Adrian Hirst

I'm Adrian Hirst, a graduate of Computer Science and will be studying for a MSc in the UK from September and have been following the 3dnow! scene with great interest since the first K6-2 came out. I spend much of my time playing (American) football in between long sessions of Half-Life, tea drinking and writing my own programs. Some day I hope to finish University and apply my programming talents for the forces of good - programming quake 4 with native 3dnow! support. Well, I can dream. In the time being I'm spending countless hours surfing the web, playing games and of course promoting 3dnow!

Steve Porter

Steve Porter is the consumate computer nerd/hacker. Steve has been writing software since the age of 5. He has over 7 years of industry experience. While he can write just about anything, his real joy in programming comes from making things run fast... REAL FAST! Steve has been involved with and several other on-line projects.

He writes the CompuT10 column available at JC's News.

Zeljko Blace

Zeljko from Kroatia will be our ambassador to the BeOS scene. As you know Intel is a major investor in Be, but they don't own the software developers outside of that, so we hope to make BeOS a 3DNow! stronghold right away!

Carlos Bederian

I am the initiator of the rc5 Team 3DNow! and hence Armin appointed me the fearless leader of that group. I'm a 18 year-old high school student from Cordoba, Argentina.

I've used AMD products since my first pc, a 386DX/40 (with a small period when I used a DX2 and DX4 from Intel...ouch), but finally saw the light again and got ahold of a k6-200 and a k6-2 300. Since then I'm looking for one of those sweet K6-IIIs, but here it's quite difficult to get one so I'll wait for the K7.

I'm also a Linux user ( rocks!) and I live trying to get my old RIVA128 to acceptable framerates until one of those monstrous NV10s arrive to our country.


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