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The Campaign for the Proliferation of 3DNow!tm Support


Everglide Get 3DNow! Custom Large Attack Pads

We are currently trying to organize a deal with Everglide in which we can get custom made www.3DNow.Org/Get 3DNow! Large Attack Pads done. These pads would have a special modified version of the Get 3DNow! logo.

Here is how it would look like:

In this preliminary stage, we need to know how many people are interested in purchasing one of these pads.

We are also thinking of offering T-shirts however, we have not decided on the design but you will most likely see the same modified logo featured above.

If you are interested in an Everglide Large Attack Get 3DNow! Pad or a T-shirt, please as soon as possible so that we can have an idea of the amount of interest in these products.

The best thing about the deal is that the mousepads will cost a maximum of 13-14$  plus shipping compared to the 16.95$ that Everglide charges. Depending on user response, the price may drop to below 10$. At the same time, you will support our campaign by purchasing these pads and spreading user awareness of our site, our campaign and our mission. The prices of T-shirts are estimated to be around 10$ plus shipping.

If you are interested in these products, if you have not done so already telling me which products you would like so that we can get a definitive price.

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